Memphis Wedding Makeup Artists

Wow, it is hard to believe but the big question was popped and you said yes. We want to congratulate you and your fiancée on starting down the road to wedded bliss. So, now that you have the engagement ring, it is time to start figuring out all of the various vendors that you will need to pull off a fantastic and successful wedding. Obviously, most people think about their wedding gown and the venues and the entertainment. But what about a professional makeup artist? This is something that we highly recommend because you want to look absolutely flawless and be ready for those camera shots from every angle. Do not rule this out, you will be very sorry. Sure, you know know how to get by on a day to day basis, but believe us when we tell you that a professional makeup artist knows things that that are beyond the normal and they will have you looking not only phenomenal but also flawless and fabulous. Remember, your wedding only comes once in a lifetime and why not make everything be the best it can be. You want to be able to look at your photos and say that you did everything you could to look absolutely stunning. But, in order to make this happen, you need to find the perfect fit for you and your skin. We know that the Memphis area has that person, it will just take come investigation. And with that in mind, you will need to make use of this informative guide.

So, first things first. You need some quality makeup artists to evaluate as possibilities for your wedding day look. In order to find those candidates, we suggest that you start by talking to your family, friends and coworkers. Find out if anyone that you know has ever hired a professional makeup artist. If they have, discuss what the experience was like and whether they could recommend the vendor. During this process, you will want to start keeping track of potential candidates in order to investigate them further at a later time. Another great way to find out about potential artists is by asking your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with if they know of any makeup artists you should check out. And there is no way that you can properly pursue a professional makeup artist without using the world wide web. Do a Google search for “makeup artists in the Memphis area.” Start checking out the various websites that result from this search and specifically check out the online portfolio of makeup applications that the vendor has accomplished for past clients. Again, jot down the names and contact information of any artists that impress you. Now that you have your list, check with each one and find out if they are available on your big day. For the ones that are, setup a time to interview them.

Kick off each interview by asking what kind of makeup they use. Many of the better makeup artists use theatrical grade products. This means that once it is on, you will not have to worry about your makeup until you are ready to take it off at the end of the day. It also will give you the best look for artificial lighting. Cost is a consideration with most people so you do need to find out what the fee is going to be. But keep in mind that a true professional's years of experience and expertise is worth something. How did they get started as a makeup artist? Take a look at their portfolio, you want to see a wide range of makeup styles and the work should be appealing to you. Make sure they specialize in bridal makeup. Ask for references and definitely get their feedback. Will they travel to you? It is oftentimes worth it to hire someone who will come to your location for convenience sake. Do they recommend a trial consultation? We do because it is better to be safe than sorry. After all interviews are completed, you should be more than ready to make an informed hired.

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