Frequently asked questions for Limousine Memphis

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Why can't you smoke in the limousines?

We work very hard at keeping our interiors completely new for you and the next client. If you notice, our vehicles are always in near-showroom quality. However, we do offer unlimited stops with your rental so, you can stop for smoking breaks as often as you'd like.

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Does everyone have to be 21 years of age to have alcohol on the limos?

By law, this is the only requirement that you have to worry about is if everyone is of legal drinking age, so rest assured that you can bring your drinks aboard the limousine and even mix them there.
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Do you service communities outside of Memphis?

Have a look at Limousine Memphis Service Area and have a look at the very large group of cities, towns and villages that we provide limousines for!

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How much is the deposit?

We only require a $200 deposit (by credit or debit card) to solidify a particular limo on a set date! The remaining total due on day of.
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Do you have more vehicles than are listed?

There is a very good chance that we might very well have more available at the time during which you are viewing our site, there is a high turn over rate on commercial vehicles to make sure our vehicles are always the best we can offer our customers. Call us for details!

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What kinds of destinations can you take us to?

We can take you virtually anywhere that you can imagine in the Memphis area, from bars & restaurants to nightclubs, from country clubs and business conventions, and when it's bus to strip clubs, from museums and historical attractions to parks and sports events! We can't take you outside tennessee but our friends at Kansas City Limousine or Tucson Limo Bus can.

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